Monday, August 3, 2009

Took Saturday night off of work to attend a birthday/anniversary party. Had Sunday as a scheduled day off so finally had a weekend to spend with my family for brother fed me way too many drinks/shots on Saturday so I was hurtin' most of Sunday morning :) Note to self: aspirin and water next time before bed!!! Cooked out by the fire and made a yummy chicken/mandarin orange salad for dinner....was a great night to just sit out by the fire and chillax a little bit. I don't get the opportunity to do that with the family often enough :(

Here's a couple layouts that were sitting around all week and I finally put some finishing touches on. I am hoping to get some others done this week, but I hope that every week and it just ain't been happening all that much this summer. But I'm okay with that, it's been much too nice to stay in and scrap. I guess I'll save it for rainy days.


meganklauer said...

Great layouts! Love the watermelon one! Awesome title! Way to go out & have a great time girly...I'm jealous! :0)