Saturday, August 1, 2009

~Cash for Clunkers

When I was diagnosed 4 years ago, Lance sold his Grand Prix so we didn't have another payment to worry about while I was undergoing treatment and wasn't working. It killed him to sell his baby, but we were suffocating with that extra payment. His grandpa had already given him what we deemed the "POS truck" beforehand that he used to hunt, fish and drive to and from work when he knew he was going to be "oiling" and didn't want to get his baby dirty.

Well, after 4 years of driving that POS truck, it had had it. The air went out last summer and we've been lucky this summer to not have it be so hot. The heat went out over the winter and the radio went out long before both of those, lol! He was using that POS truck to take the girls back and forth to Orion when I had to work and it just wasn't safe....and I swear you were breathing toxic fumes the entire time!! lol!

So, we make a stop at a few dealerships Wednesday, and Key Pontiac-Buick in Moline was awesome to us! Lance's POS qualified for the $4500 Cash for Clunkers rebate and they gave us an additional $6000 off the car, making it a total of $10,500 off the sticker price of $23,785. Woo hoo!! We couldn't beat the payments, the savings, any of it. In his heart I know he wants a truck so bad, but there's no way we could swing $600 a month for a brand new truck plus gas and insurance!! YIKES! I wish we could, it's just not feasible.

So here's Daddy in his new ride. Hannah helped pick it out since we're figuring it will be her first car in 5 more years. Avery already nicknamed it Rosie. The truck was nicknamed "paws", short for POS. lol! And, I will be looking for a cheapo truck to buy him for his hunting needs.


Stacy said...

Congrats on the new ride.

Ginger's Camo Page said...

Mmmm - love that new car smell :-)

meganklauer said...

Congrats on the new car and what's wrong with strappin a deer to the top of a car? :0)