Thursday, August 6, 2009

~ 80's Day at College 4 Kids

Hannah is at College 4 Kids all week this week. So far, she is having blast. She has been doing "scrapbooking" type of projects all week in one class about bookmaking. So far they have made books out of envelopes, chipboard and origami. Today, they are making a paper bag book and tomorrow they finish by writing and illustrating a real hardback book, think children's size. She is having so much fun with that class! She is also taking a writing class where they are learning how to (basically) journal and write about her life. I couldn't believe it when she picked these classes over Raku Pottery and French. As a kid I never would have picked these classes, different story as an adult, lol. I think I am rubbing off on her.

Her favorite class so far is a rock around the clock class where they are learning each day about a different decade, Monday was 50's, Tuesday was 60's, Wednesday was 70's, today is 80's and tomorrow is 90's. They are learning about music, television and other pop culture of each era. Yesterday she came home and said "Hey mom do you know the song Jeremiah was a Bullfrog? It is so hilarious. And we did the hustle, do you know that? It is SO funny.", yeah, Hannah, I know it. They also talked about the assasinations of Bobby and John F. Kennedy. She is learning a lot about our recent history; all the while having fun doing it. Today she wanted to dress up 80's style, so this is what we came up with. She was loving it, me I was having flashbacks of a style I thought would NEVER return. However, this is all newly purchased merchandise, isn't that crazy? Hoping she has as much fun they are playing PacMan, listening to Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi and Madonna and talking about the Reagan era. My baby is growing up....and apparently so am I because all of this 80's talk is making me feel old.... lol!


A splash of Sherry said...

she did a great job dressing the 80's part. funny thing is that steph actually wears some of that stuff. sounds like she's having fun at college for kids.