Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Weekend Off

Got my hair cut and highlights/lowlights put in on Wednesday. Awesome. Short bob that I can wear straight or curly. More caramel color in my hair so every six weeks I don't look like a teenager wanna be with a dark stripe where my roots are. Hate that! Always been a blonde, but face it, I ain't gettin any younger and neither is my hair.

We had planned to take the girls overnight to Adventureland this weekend. Work issues = cancel those plans. Major disappointment. On the brighter side, things are looking up as far as making a change in that section of my life :) Friday, had to make an emergency trip to the Dr. ~ Gracie had three growth looking things on her feet, totally gross and something I had never seen before. They were plantar's warts. Where in the world do you get that? Gross. Icky gross. Dr. had to freeze them and then cut them off. He says they will most likely regrow and have to be frozen and burned off a couple more times. Super icky gross. I will have to find a mommy replacement for those days because I was very disturbed by that process.

So, in replacement of the original Adventureland plans that had to be cancelled because I got my days moved around at work, and then eventually moved back. Don't ask. Makes me seriously ill when I think about it. So, we hit a River Bandits game instead. Super fun. Great weather. Crappy ball game. Bandits got hammered by the Burlington Bees. Avery didn't get an autograph which led to a meltdown. Which led to another round of beers. ha! Avery chilled with some cotton candy, girls with super nachos and mom and dad with a couple more beers. What a great night! Chillin' on the berm watching ball. Life is sweet at moments like that. Hope you all had time to enjoy the weekend.

More weekend plans this week = hittin the town with friends for a 40th birthday couples celebration. Lookin' forward to that. Gonna try and get to the Drive In in Galva ( and get a movie in on Sunday (its a one show on Sundays) and then I'm off work until after Labor Day. Who knows, maybe that opportunity will knock harder while I'm off. Crossing fingers.