Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Hubby,

I don't know how often you check my blog. I'm going to figure you will at least read this before the Christmas shopping season is well underway. So, here's a hint. A pretty specific hint. You say you never know what to get me for Christmas. Jammies from Old Navy are nice. Scrapbook stuff is awesome. But, seriously, I like to shop for that stuff myself. Sorry. Its true. But, I found THIS BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE on Etsy and it's screaming "buy me, wrap me and put me under the Christmas tree!!!". I honestly think you'll go mental trying to buy something off Etsy (I'm sure it will remind you of ordering McDonalds for three kids and yourself through the drive thru window). But, I'm willing to give you a few (FOUR to be exact) months to get over your fear and I'm hoping that if the good Santa really lives on, I will find this under my tree.


your Wife
your Cook
your Laundry Maid
your Lunch Packer
your children's Mother
your McDonald's drive thru orderer



A splash of Sherry said...

Good luck Christine. If I left a message on my blog for Steve I would never get what I want. If it isn't a website with yellow and green on it or the grain market I don't think he sees it. lol

MeganAring said...

Very funny!