Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time Flies

Can you believe it is the end of summer already? Where has the time gone? I registered the girls for school at the end of last week. Gracie's teacher attends our church and has daughters that are just a bit younger than I am. All good to have a familiar face and it's a teacher Hannah did not have so looking forward to new experiences there. Avery has a brand spankin' new to the district teacher (for the 2nd year in a row). We were over-the-moon with Ave's Kindergarten teacher, she made learning so much FUN for them and they sang and did experiments daily. Loved that! We are hoping for more of that this year and Ave is really excited to be in first grade. She has one friend from Kindergarten in her class, but there are a few other girls she knows because they are sisters of Gracie's friends and one of my girlfriends' daughter.....she's looking forward to having a new group of girls to make friends with!

Yesterday was our last day of summer session tumbling. We have two weeks off before fall session begins, so there's some pics here, but I'm still trying to find a setting that takes good pics in that building, lol! We spent last night at 6th grade orientation for Hannah (yeah, I know, I am really feeling that "i'm not ready for this" feeling). She has her locker combo memorized, her schedule down and we talked about how to make it from class to class in those short three minutes. I have no fear she'll do fine. Middle school comes with more responsibility and in turn, stricter discipline, but I know she will be fine. Our big decision now is what instrument she wants to play for band. Leaning towards the flute.....we'll see.

We have a busy week ahead of us, the girls are going to be in the New Windsor Rodeo parade for their tumbling school and we have to finish school clothes shopping. Today, we took a break to hit it outside with the sprinkler and just jump around and have fun. Beautiful day. As you can see, though, we still need to fix that issue with the muddy puddle, lol.....Avery is a dirt magnet! Hope you're all enjoying the weather and the last days before school or the first days of school, since we have year round surrounding us, I'm sure some of you are already in session. :)


Stacy said...

Great pics, can't wait to see what you do with them.

ckmom78 said...

time sure does fly by, great pics~where do you're girls take tumbling at?

Christine said...

Thanks ladies! Christina ~ the girls go to Flipside Tumbling in New Windsor, we left QCGA right about the time of my diagnosis and once we got through all of that they decided they really just wanted to tumble and not do all the other stuff. Avery is almost back flipping by herself (probably a couple more months and she will be) which I can hardly believe at 6!! She's feisty though and always on the move :) I'm sure you can relate....lol!

A splash of Sherry said...

sounds like you've been busy. at least you always have your camera and will have lots to scrap when you get the chance. can't wati to see what you do.