Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little of this and a little of that....

Here are some photos from around the house. First is a window pane collage I did a few years ago and it was my first venture into trying anything "non-scrapbooking" turned out well, but it is currently looking a little out of date. I wanted one last picture of it before I tear it apart and redo it. Have some really cool ideas cooking for the new one, will post when it is complete. Below that are some fall pics - pumpkins, gourds and such in a wire basket I picked up at a fall craft show in Galva. Beyond that are pics of our front tree turning leaves and a pic of some of the 100,000 leaves already congregating on my front lawn. (Yes, I have mulched them already twice this week, to no avail!). Next is a plate of yummy homemade sugar cookies that I whipped up over the weekend. This plate is what is left of the 200+ cookies I made. PS - No we did not eat them all. Some went with to the Halloween party, some to work with Lance and some to church. The rest we ate, lol! Next is Miss Creative Halloween Third Grader Gracie's Halloween pumpkin that she painted at school. Last, is what I found when I got up this morning. Avery had marked her spot with notebook paper and tape, obviously not wanting anyone to take her chair. PS - Someone else wrote the name (not sure if Hannah or Gracie) but that is not Avie's writing. She can do it, just not that neat yet! And, then when I looked at her place setting she had already set out my ipod to listen to while eating her breakfast. All of this she did before going to bed last night because I was up before her. She's got a little obsessive-compulsive streak in her! And, anyone want to guess what big event is happening today? Hmmm, I'll let you think about it and will post later!