Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Crazy

I have been a slacker - this summer is flying by. As you can see from the photos above, we have been busy, busy,busy with softball for two. Hannah played on the Tri-County 4th and 5th grade league. She had fantastic coaches, unfortunately, we had some Cheerleader Moms (thank you Briana!) and Dads of our own. Drama - I just do not understand why people feel they have to live vicariuosly through their children. I mean, Lance and I were both very athletic growing up and our girls, they like to play sports for the social part, but they don't LOVE the game like we did. And, we are okay with that. They are having fun, they are learning and they are not us. I guess we get that, its unfortunate other parents do not. I feel so bad for some of those girls that walk up to the plate with their parents yelling "choke up" "bend you knees" "step back in the box" "that was your ball!" "what are swinging at the high ones for" "you gotta RUN" "you gotta make GOOD throws!".....seriously, this is what I have listened to for the past 6 weeks, so to say that I was relieved her team lost their 1st tournament game and were out, well, yeah, I was very relieved.

Gracie's team on the other hand had great parents, great group of supportive go-getter girls with no attitudes (maybe its the difference between 2nd/3rd grade girls and 4th/5th grade girls). Their team improved every single game and even though Gracie started out swinging very weak, they supported her learning and by tournament she was hitting hard grounders and getting base hits. Go Gracie, even though she is totally not there because she loves softball, she continued to work at getting better and improving and it showed. Her coached were so patient and always made time to explain to the girls when they could have done something better....that is how they learn, such a great experience. And this wonderful group of girls grabbed a Championship at the League Tournament - way to go girls!!

Avery has been her sister's biggest cheerleader, rooting them on and amazingly, she LOVES the game. She hits and fields right with them and she can't even play for 2 more years. Maybe she'll be the one who loves playing the game. Either way, doesn't matter as long as she has fun. That's the whole point.

The girls are signed up to be junior cheerleaders this fall for our High School Football team, which should be entertaining since all three of them can do it this year. We're looking forward to school clothes and supply shopping, one of our favorite days of the year! We do shopping, lunch, more shopping and then a stop for ice cream. Then we come home and label our supplies, get the in the backpacks and count down the days til school. This year, all three girls will be in school all day, not sure what I am going to do with my time, but I will volunteer as much as my work schedule allows and I am hoping I will get caught up on some of my scrapbooking. HA!

Chat with y'all later !!