Monday, May 19, 2008

Tim Taylor, tunnels and worms!

We found out over the winter what fun it is to buy a home from someone with the mentality of "Tim the Tool Man" Taylor. I'm not kidding these people who owned our house before us must have jacked with everything and did it half-assed. Here we are digging up the sump pump line and relaying it. The idiots before us layed the line about 1/2 inch underground, which in freezing Northwest Illinois winters, it cracks, and then defeats the purpose of having the excess water pumped AWAY from the house. So, we dug down 14 inches and layed new pipe.....Lance says it will not freeze now. The girls were loving this weekend, because 1st - we got to dig in the dirt. Then, 2nd, we got to walk in the "tunnels" as they called it. And, finally, 3rd as the photos dictate we got to play with worms! Avery & Gracie thought the worms were fantastic little pets and wanted to know if we could put them in a jar and keep them. Ummm, no girls, no pet worms. LOL! There is more work planned for this weekend, so expect some more pics!! Have a happy week!


Briana said...

WOW, those are some long worms!

Briana said...

I tagged you on my blog yesterday!