Monday, May 12, 2008

Thoughts - as borrowed from another blog

what inspires me:
1. watching people, their emotions, reactions and interpretations of life and its surroundings
2. my daughters, each and every day
3. children, all children and their innocense
4. the beginnings and continuations of friendships that i know will last forever
5. handmade cards/gifts and handwritten words
6. nature and all of its beauty and glory

things that crack me up:
1. comedy central (most of the time :o) hehe)
2. my girls most of the time
3. a good movie (Tommy Boy, Caddyshack, Animal House)
4. my nephew and girls doing the "straw farting" out of their armpits!

what scares me:
1. dying young and without reaching all of my accomplishments (like raising my girls)
2. losing my parents and/or children
3. heights (i can do it, but i do NOT like it.)
4. violence and violent crimes
5. the unknown

on the dream horizon:

1. travel: Hawaii, Jamaica and Europe are top picks
2. catching up on my scrapbooks!
3. learning the "learning curve" of photography and digitally creating art
4. i would love to write a book. someday :o)
5. hearing the song "she's a hottie" and knowing that is ME! ha! not likely, however, this is the "dream horizon"

my favorite places on earth:
1. my bed
2. estes park, colorado
3. maui, hawaii
4. walt disney world, florida
5. cape may, new jersey

issues i often have to confront/work hard at:
1. patience
2. accepting my imperfections
3. finding that "perfect" balance
4. not worrying about my health

things i'm good at:
1. being a loving, supportive mommy
2. celebrating - even the little things
3. being a good friend to those who are good to me
4. working through conflict
5. cooking, i love to cook and i think i do pretty okay
6. having faith in the big picture
7. smiling. i'm a smiler. giggling. i'm a giggler too.

things i'm not so good at:1. being on time (for anything!) i am a procrastinator.
2. planning ahead (for birthdays, holidays)
3. staying on task (i tend to jump around from laundry to dishes to cleaning to dusting)
4. forgiving those who have hurt me
5. mornings (i do it, but i am not so hot about it, ask my girls)
6. gardening (and i really wish i was!)

foods i have a weakness for:
1. lasagna
2. cheddar baked potato soup
3. turtle cheesecake
4. my hot nuts (flamin' cajun crunch by planters)
5. Coke

why i do what i do:
1. because it pays me well.
2. because it has a better retirement.
3. because i want to
4. because it feels like me