Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Good with the Bad

My cousin Christopher and his fiancee Allyson are being married over Memorial Day weekend. Our original plans were to drive from Illinois to Houston, Texas with all three girls. 18 HOURS of driving with THREE girls. I think Lance thought I was losing my mind. I thought it sounded like fun, except that we'd have to make the trip in 5 days, driving included. With the gas prices soaring higher than ever, we decided last weekend that Avery and I would fly down to the wedding and Lance and the eldest girls would stay home. Hannah and Gracie aren't even that bummed about it....they have "Field Day" at school that Friday and would have otherwise had to miss it. Avie is done with school on Thursday so it will be a little celebratory weekend for her and I. I am so psyched to see all of my aunts and uncles, cousins and their children. It's been since my Grandpa Hook passed away in 2006 since I've seen most of them!

On the other hand, we received word yesterday that Lance's Grandma Midge passed away. She had suffered at the hand of Alzheimer's Disease for many, many years. I am pretty sure she has had it since I have known her, almost 13 years. She is his step-grandma, she married his Grandpa Catour after his Grandma Catour passed away. But, she is still his grandma and we will all miss her smiling face. We will spend this weekend with his family saying our goodbyes and attending services. Seems like we have been doing this all-to-often lately and it really bothers our girls. We are going to have them attend the visitation, but not the funeral. They did not see Grandma Midge much (usually just family reunions) and they would be much more confused by it to go. Wish us luck!