Tuesday, April 1, 2008


After some debating as to whether or not I could control three little girls watching the ever-popular High School Musical: The Ice Tour, I broke down and bought us tickets for the Sunday, March 30, 2008 show. We drove to Peoria (about 45 minutes away) for the show and it was as FAB U LUS, as Sharpay would say. I think this was MY favorite ice show as well as the girls. Sure, not as much "ice show" as in twirls and jumps, but enough of them and wonderful choreography....I mean, they played basketball on the ice! That is talent enough for me. The girls loved it, and I stuck to my guns of not buying any paraphrenalia (so outrageously priced) and easy to pick up anything HSM or HSM2 at Walmart and Target. At first, they didn't like that idea, but them came to realize if they were spending their own $35 for a tee shirt, they wouldn't buy it. We're trying really hard to teach that part of life to the girls and they're slowing starting to get it.