Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Saturday, we took the girls to the annual Bill Dahl Memorial Easter Egg Hunt. This year kids up to age 10 got to hunt, which was a treat for Hannah because last year she didn't get to hunt because the cutoff age was 8. Hint: Even big kids like to hunt Easter Eggs!

Avery was all about being quick and getting the most eggs, although she was somewhat disappointed in not getting a prize. We told her that the Easter Bunny brings the best presents to your home....that perked her up. Gracie and Hannah both enjoyed the Hunt this year, although we were all a little in shock from the 30 degree weather we were out in, but hey, at least it wasn't snow, right?!

Our friend, Emily Snell, helped arrange this Easter Bunny photo! That lucky bunny with fur did okay in the cold weather. Hope your Easters were just as blissful and fun! The other photo is of the girls in their Easter dresses, love getting all dressed up for church! This year Avery wanted an Easter bonnet and purse, which I was more than happy to oblige ~ isn't she just fantastically adorable! Happy Spring!


Elizabeth said...

Avery is adorable in her easter bonnet. They all look so sweet. And, I love the photo with the easter bunny. We still have snow, so it was all indoors for us. :)