Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feels like Fall

Wow! We just flashed from summer to fall here in the blink of an eye. One week we're wearing shirts and tshirts and the next we have coats, hats and gloves. I wasn't ready yet. Still am not. Hannah is growing like a weed, its those preteen years and is in need of an entire new wardrobe. Guess we are going to have to make some trips this weekend. Got a lot of thinks checked off my "to do" list and here are some layouts I did this week. Enjoy! Have a great week.


Stacy said...

Great layouts girly!!! Fabulous!

The Grissoms' Page said...

Awesome layouts - - I love all the colors/papers on the "treasure" lo!

A splash of Sherry said...

Great pages. I really like the pirate one. Avery sounds so much like Steph when she was little. She will keep you smiling and pulling your hair out all at the same time. Hold on it's going to be a fun ride.