Thursday, May 21, 2009

JA Biztown!!

Today, I had the pleasure of accompanying Hannah's 5th grade class to Junior Achievement's Biztown. The students spent a few months (from what I hear) learning about how a town is run, how businesses are run and how they interact with each other to have a economically/financially successful town. They learned how employees need to use their salaries to buy products/goods/services from businesses in a town to keep everything moving along. They also were required to put some of their "salaries" from the day in a savings account. Biztown boasts a City Hall, Factory, Tech Shop, Delivery Center (mail), Newspaper, Radio Station, Professional Office, Print Shop, Bank, Sports Shop, Supply Center, Variety Store (like a dollar store), Cafe and Environmental Shop. A month ago, they held an election for Mayor and Hannah was elected out of 12 students that decided to run. She is in a class of I believe 72 or 73 ones come and go and I can't always keep track. She was elated to be elected! Papa Jim is the mayor of Orion and she really thought it would be cool if she got to play mayor for a day too. Here's some pics. If your school has the opportunity to participate in this event (there are BizTowns located worldwide in mostly large, metro areas) it it so fun and a wonderful, amazing learning experience for these kids. I have never had so much fun on a field trip....EVER! I would go back tomorrow in a heartbeat. The Quad Cities is so lucky to have a BizTown right in Davenport! Support your local Junior Achievement, these programs are funded half and half by JA and the schools.


A splash of Sherry said...

I remember Steph doing that. She had a blast. I got to interview the kids beforehand to see what jobs they would get. A great experience for them.