Thursday, March 26, 2009

~Under the weather

I may be a little scarce in the next couple of days.....I spent the bulk of Wednesday (10am to 4pm) in the ER for some severe right abdominal pain. They at first thought appendicitis. Tests for that and gall bladder attack came back fine. The only thing they noticed was an enlarged right ovary and a "missing" cyst that had been there in previous CT's. Talked to my OB/GYN this morning as his office is closed on Thursdays. He said if the pain didn't worsen today to come into his office in the morning. If it did worsen, go straight to the ER. Didn't worsen, but hasn't gone away....ugh! And the drugs have worn off, even better.

So, if I am laid up in the hospital, I will update my Facebook and Megan and Christina are on there so I am hoping one of them will update you. Although, if I end up having surgery, my DH will HAVE to bring me my laptop or I will go stir crazy!

So, say a prayer that it's nothing major and I'll update you when I can. Keep scrappin' chicas!!!

:o) Christine


ckmom78 said...

ohh Christine, hope you get better soon...I'll keep you in our prayers.

Unfortunatly not sure how much scrappin' i will get done either, i have a sick kiddo, hopefully it don't contine through the fam.

A splash of Sherry said...

Oh no. You are in my prayers. Good luck. And you have to get better before next weekend. We have plans sister.

pardonmycaboose said...

Sorry to hear your feel icky. I got the updated info email and want you to know that if it's appendicitis that's an easy fix. I had an appendicitis years ago. The pain was tough. I had to have emergency surgery and it was well worth it. If it's appendicitis getting the surgery before it burst is the way to go. I'll say a prayer, or two or three. Good luck and keep us posted.