Sunday, January 11, 2009

~ Places I Visit on the Web

To answer a few questions as of late:

* The girls "Santa" bags were purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $5.99/each and I had them embroidered on the back with their names in white glitter thread.

* I purchase my vinyl here, they have great service, great prices and the vinyl comes precut in 6x12 to fit your Cricut. WAY cheaper than Provo Crafts prices!! You can get matte in some of the colors which is what I used for Hannah's name on her wall.

* I also love these sites Peachy Cheap and Flowers to Flourishes. Great deals daily but I will forewarn you the good ones sell out fast! THIS would be one reason I love working midnights, I have gotten so many good deals at both of these sites!! Check them out.