Thursday, October 23, 2008

Darn it! I uploaded these backwards, but you catch the drift....Hannah got her cast off today! Believe me, it was a highly anticipated day around here which required many big red circles with hearts and a "Yeah" on the calendar. These photos are of her cast front and back, signed by family and friends, the "saw" used to cut the cast, Hannah's reaction to the saw (note the one tear coming down her face), prying the cast apart and Dr. Shawn Wynn, her orthopaedic surgeon, checking over the newly healed wrist. He said her wrist is healed completely, no permanent damage and she can go back to gym class on Monday. She is THRILLED to hear that. Can't wait til Christmas - we are very bad about "gag gifts" for funny things that have happened throughout the year so I'm anticpating about 10 pairs of flip flops for Hannah. THIS was our big news of the day. I know, not so much headline news anywhere else but here at home this is Extra, Extra and Special Report information.