Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~ Back to the bump & grind

ugh, I go back to work today...seriously not thrilled about it. totally wish i had a job with a cool boss, doing what i love, with great hours and time that allowed me to be a mom, wife and volunteer. hoping it will happen soon. my vacation was spent at home getting things in the house organized and cleaned. mostly our storage area which just needed some purging and re-organization. and the garage....oh my, the garage mahal was full of things that needed to be purged. my hubby is a packrat! We spent Wed & Thursday in St. Louis watching the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers. Great time!!! we also spent our Labor Day weekend at the Fall Festival in O-town and at the Hog Days Parade where Avery rode in the Little Miss Court. Got some scrappin' done a little at a time. I will share as the week goes on. Hope you are all getting back into the school routine. We finally stopped "early dismissal" today!! Yay! Although, I had to run to school at 9:15am to pick up a sick little muffin named Ave....threw up, but made it to the bathroom in time ~ whew!