Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer's Peak, Work and Catch Up....

Where did summer go? Wow! I can't believe that the girls will start school here in one month. We did some school supply shopping this week. We'll do some more this week and then start on school clothes. We have a trip planned to St. Louis in September and are planning to take the girls to Adventureland in August, if it works out with my schedule. If it doesn't, we're going to hit Six Flags while in St. Louis and just extend our time in Missouri by an extra day. No biggie either way. The weather has been very fall like this week, so I am super looking forward to some warmer weather and more pool time.

Work is a mess...the state's budget is horrid and I still don't know anything about layoffs yet. They are coming, whether it is now or in six months, this budget is just a temporary bandaid to the problems. I am hoping that I am not affected, but I really think it is coming sooner or later. If it is, we are prepared, there will be some sacrifices but I am already ready with all of my paperwork to return to college if need be. College in my thirties....oh, wow! Just want to finish my degree, since I put it off to get married and start a family. I think a year or two of sacrifice would be to all of our benefit in the end.

Here are a couple of layouts to catch up on some things I have missed documenting in the girls' books. Gotta love Walgreens 50 for $5 prints, it seems like that is when I bulk order and then have to play catch up, lol! These are of Hannah's Biztown experience (she picked the papers). "Vote for Hannah or your will go bananas" was her campaign slogan. The next is of Avery making art, that is what she calls it. When she paints I lay out an old bedsheet so she can create without worrying if she drips or gets a little messy. She sits for hours and sings and creates, happier than you can imagine. Like I said in the journaling, I have no idea where she gets that, *wink*.


Stacy said...

Love the layouts...I don't think we can ever get caught up on our books!!! At least that way we will never not have anything to scrap.

meganklauer said...

Great layouts! Love Hannahs banana saying!