Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tragedy in D.C.

Horror here in Washington D.C. My niece Kylie is on her first trip away alone with classmates in Washington D.C. She sent my sister a text this afternoon that there had been a shooting at the Holocaust Museum but they were not there. They were there makes the hair stand up on my skin to think about it. I'm not sure exactly where they were in DC when it happened but the Holocaust Museum is just off the National Mall, so I am pretty sure they were in the vicinity.

Please pray that these young ladies and men get home safely. And pray for the security officer's family as they are now reporting that he has passed away. What is this world coming to that we have to continue to endure these horrific tragedies? Get home soon Kylie, we love you, be safe!


ckmom78 said...

prayers your way, i think our Jr. high is their as well.