Sunday, December 21, 2008

{Twas the Week before Christmas.....

and boy, what a fun week we have had. The girls spent their last week at school. Christmas parties were changed to Thursday from Friday for an impending ice storm. We spent Thursday afternoon making our gingerbread house. Lance and I finished up our shopping on Saturday morning. He was called in to plow at 3pm, just after we got home and "unloaded". As I was folding laundry waiting until 6pm when we were to be at my sister's for a Christmas party, I heard Gracie yell "Mom, Santa's outside". "I'm sure he is Grace" was my answer. "No, no Mom, really he is". So I went to look out the window with the girls and sure enough, there were two elves, Santa and a sleigh coming down our street. The girls went to the door and yelled "Hi Santa" to which they said "Put your coats on and come outside to say Hi to Santa". So I grabbed the camera, bundled the girls and trekked outside. A local family that owns a horse stable/riding lessons business sleighed through town finding kids, taking photos and giving out stuffed animals. How fun and what a neat surprise! Then, we traveled to my sister's (6 miles away) in blizzard, white-out conditions. Stayed about an hour and a half and then headed home before we were snowed in there! Came home and drank hot cocoa and watched Christmas Vacation. That show never gets old! Today we are chilling at home due to the temperatures (-25 with wind chill) and finishing all of our wrapping. How was your week and did you get snow/ice too?