Saturday, November 15, 2008

{Scrapbooking mojo ~ The beginning

My mojo isn't cooking as well as others lately, but hoping to get some time in tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday to get those creative juices flowing. Got lots of ideas for Christmas coming and all. In between driving here and there and everywhere trying to find that elusive Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero World Tour flippin' band kit!!! Saw one at ToysRUs this week but had the girls with so , hello, who buys Santa gifts in front of kids that still believe? So, no, I passed, went back later without them and, bam, gone. That's a whole different story.

Here's a layout of Lance and Avery on Father's Day fishing at the Andover park. I just love her tiny, little legs and her messy bun!!


ckmom78 said...

looks great Christine, hope you got your mojo back! ;)