Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random photos of the week

Here are some random photos of happiness from the over the weekend through today. On Sunday, we drove to Tanner's Apple Orchard in Stark County and spent the afternoon picking pumpkins, playing in the playground area and picking out yummy apples and treats to bring home with us. We picked out apple cidar doughnuts, red raspberry preserves, honeycrisp apples (seriously, THE best apples I have ever tasted), caramel popcorn puffs and our indian corn, gourds and pumpkins. The girls love it there because there is so much to do and I love it there because it is a photographer's dream.
On Tuesday, took Lance back to the orthopedic surgeon and he was released to go back to work, yeah! The girls were a little sad this morning that he wasn't here to wave goodbye to them on the bus, but dad being back in his routine is good for ALL of us. :o) So, to celebrate we went to Target and bought him some gel inserts for arch support since his tendons/ligaments are still recovering and he'll need the extra support and I bought myself the "Whooo's Here" rug with the owl. Love the colors and the owl, somehow I believe that will ispire a future scrapbook page.
Next up is my three cute Chargerettes! The girls are all performing for them during the high school football games this year (well, three of them) and this is a snapshot of their professional picture. This is the one year that all three of them can be in this group together and they make me so proud when they're out there doing their cheers. I have video somewhere, so I will upoad that someday in the future. Won't say soon, because I will likely forget and they will be in high school themselves when I remember, lol!
Below that is what I got yesterday - Series 20 Studio G Stamps.....yeah, Halloween creating here I come. Love these itty bitty stamps and how they make the cutest tags/cards. Very inspired when I look at these!
And, below that is a picture of Avery in school. Luckily, in Kindergarten they require a lot of mom helpers. I have been volunteering my time on my days off. It gets kind of hairy with my schedule since I work midnights but I have been finding time a day or two a week to give back to the education of our children. It really is a lot of fun and a lot of work. The children get so excited when I come in (not just my own) and they all wave goodbye when I leave, so it's a bond that is building between all of us and I could just love them all so much. They are such sweethearts.
Well, until the next safe and happy scrappin!


ckmom78 said...

cute photos, definately heard alot about Tanners, maybe we'll make it there this year?!