Saturday, September 20, 2008

Runs in the Family

I am now fully convinced impatience runs in the family, lol! The girls usually are in bed on a school night at 9pm....I know, some of you are probably thinking kinda late, but we've tried earlier only to have them still up at 9pm. They hit their beds around 8:50-9pm and are usually asleep within 15 minutes. They're not crabby when they wake up, so it works. On the nights I work, I leave right after kissing them goodnight and I wake them up in the morning around 6:20am after I get home from work. They don't even know I am gone. We get everyone breakfast, get hair done, double check for any papers that need a "mommy" signature, lunch money that may be needed, books that need to be marked as read and get lunches ready if they are cold lunch. I LOVE hot lunch days, mostly because I am so tired when I get home the last thing I want to do is make lunches for three. But, I do, because I'm supposed to :o)

My point, okay - the only thing the girls miss is "snuggle time". They like snuggling with me on my nights off because it only happens two or three times a week. So, last night Avery and Gracie begged to lay down in my bed and have me come snuggle with them. My bed is a queen, so it's easier to snuggle with a mommy + two girls in that bed instead of a twin bed!! I was trying to finish laundry and get things picked up because today they started putting on my new roof. I told the girls "10 minutes" and I'd be ready, tucked them into my bed and ran my booty off for the next 10 minutes.....only to find the above when I!

Sweethearts.....I love snuggling with you, but I love watching you sleep so peacefully even more!!