Monday, September 22, 2008

The Crash-meisters

I knew this was going to be a lllooonnnggg weekend, I had a 4-day weekend and we had plans to get the new roof put on our house in two days (Saturday & Sunday). Hannah was inside being "Miss Hermit" when all the other neighborhood kids were outside playing. Mean Mommy that I am, I came inside and told her to put some shoes on and get outside and enjoy the weather. It was 80 degrees out Sunday. I figured these types of days are getting numbered so enjoy them while you can, right? A mere ten minutes later, the kids all started hollering that Hannah had fallen and there was lots of blood. I ran to check on her. She had fallen on cement while playing "tag"....and it most likely didn't help that she was wearing flip flops!! She is sssoooooo my child. She scraped her whole knee, hit the cement with her left wrist and her left wrist gave way so then she hit her lip. She looked like she got beaten up and LOST, seriously. I had her lay down for an hour to see if her wrist really hurt that bad, when she finally came out and said "mom, it still really, really hurts".

So, off we went to the ER - and it was there that the doctor told us she had a fractured wrist. Her first broken bone. The first of all of our girls, heck, no one in our little Party of Five has broken a bone ever, until now.

Dad, still home roofing and not one to miss the party rolled his right ankle while on the roof while we were inside doing the "one-hour rest period". He said it was sore, but assumed it was a sprain. As I came back home from the ER with Hannah, we saw him sitting in the driveway with his sock off and his bare foot in the beer cooler! He says "I think I really jacked up my foot". So, I left Hannah at home with the other two girls and Grandma and off I took to the ER again. The nurses were quite shocked to see me return with a "new patient". Xrays revealed a bone chip just below the toes, some severe tendon and muscle pulls and today we had to have a CT scan to rule out any hairline fractures. Yippee, I could have two babies in casts. LOL!

All in all, we are thankful that neither was hurt any worse than they are and that everything is correctable. It will be an interesting next several weeks around here with mom doing all the work (yeah, like that's a change, ha!). We won't know the results of the CT until tomorrow sometime. Will update when we know. Pray for just the bone chip and pulled tendons and muscles.

These photos above are of Hannah and Kylie, my niece with their broken wrists (actually Kylie's is a growth plate issue)....Kylie's cast comes off tomorrow so we wanted a pic with both of them casted before one comes off. The other is of Lance, Hannah and Kylie - all which are being called "Crash" at the moment, lol!! Crash 1, Crash 2 and Crash 3, just like the Things from the Grinch!!