Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Mans Trash = Another Womans Treasure

As I was driving home from school with the girls this afternoon, I drove by my cousin's house and saw this sitting at the end of his driveway. It appeared to be set out for junk....but knowing how many antique lovers I have in my family I thought......hmmm, maybe he set it out for someone to come and pick up. As I looked at it, I could envision it stripped to its original wood and stained to use in my scrapbook room. NOTE: The top photo is actually a photo of the piece upside down, so use your imaginations. The large cubes showcasing my albums and the small openings for paper storage and such. It even has a little desk edge that i knew would hold my cricut and big bite. I was in love! I called my mom to see if she knew what he was doing with it....she didn't. Darn it. She said you'll just have to call him and ask. So I did, thinking if he was selling it, he'd want a couple hundred bucks for it. David called me back and I asked him what he was doing with that primitive mail sorter table and he said "Jamie is supposed to pick it up today with his trailer and burn it".....NO! I had waited an hour and a half to call......what if it was gone?!?!? Well, lo and behold, as fate would have was still there. I asked him how much he wanted for it and he said "take it". NO WAY!!!! I saved it from its death via cremation and all it cost me was gas $$$... :o) I will begin tomorrow stripping it and when I am done, Lance will have to replace one leg (so technically it will be an upgraded primitive antique) and I will showcase it in my scraproom! We'll see how long it takes me to post it new.........isn't it so true, one mans trash is another mans treasure..........WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Jen Ballantyne said...

Christine, I can't believe how lucky that was! I think that piece will look FABULOUS all revamped and displaying scrapbooking items. I am very jealous ;). Good on you, I can't wait to see how it turns out. Take care Jen B xx